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Historic development to change national rideshare industry could affect local people


SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. — A historic development in one of the largest sexual assault cases could forever change the American rideshare industry, and consequentially affect demographics here on the Central Coast.

Sexual assault and rape survivors are going to Federal Court against Uber, according to national law firm Peiffer Wolf.

Over 10,000 cases have been reported against the rideshare company, with the lawsuits now being consolidated into a multi-district litigation.

News Channel 3-12 spoke to Rachel Abrams and Kevin Conway, partners of the law firm Peiffer Wolf about what this could mean for a city like Santa Barbara, which has a huge population of college kids using ride share apps.

They filled us in on the demographic that is disproportionately affected when it comes to these sexual assault cases, and the resources they aim to provide for victims in addition to monetary benefits.

Full Story: KEYT October 11 2023

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