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Why choose Peiffer Wolf?


The Shareholders of Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise founded our law firm in 2013 with a common vision: providing first-class legal representation to clients who seek to recover for injuries suffered at the hands of others.

Peiffer Wolf Carr Kane Conway & Wise is a nationwide litigation law firm that represents individuals and entities who have been the victims of negligence, fraud or the misconduct of powerful interests. We are smart, experienced, and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly for our clients and take pride in the pursuit of justice on their behalf.

” Too often the powerful interests in our society run roughshod over the rights of ordinary people and less powerful entities. We do our best to restore that balance.



Juan A.

I called this firm to seek advice on a potential discrimination case due to my disability. I’m an arm amputee. They were very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and have a high level of integrity. I would not hesitate to use them. Their entire staff is very welcoming and kind.

Jason K.

Laurin worked really hard for me and over the course of 16 months was able to land a nice settlement for a recalled injection I had in my knee. Was stress free on my end and didn’t have to do much. Would highly recommend them!

Brian A.

Every member of your team that helped to win this case, including the attorneys and office staff, has restored our hope in humanity. I have the utmost respect for all of your efforts to right this wrong for us. I am confident you will continue to serve your clients this way and help many more families. Although I could never say thank you enough, I wish you all the very best in the future.

Brooke W.

I cannot say enough about these people. I had the pleasure of working with Dan and Korby. They explained everything along the way and took a case that was a huge long shot. They helped me out of a horrible situation and made me feel like I was not alone. I truly appreciate them more than I could possible convey in a Google review. They truly care about their clients and work extremely hard for a favorable outcome that makes everyone happy.



AXA Advisors Vs. Fitzpatrick

Awarded $3.2 million to an Upstate NY egg-farming family swindled in a Variable Annuity and Life Insurance scheme promoted by a former AXA financial advisor.


Clear Filters

The Alabama legislature on Thursday passed legislation to protect patients and doctors involved with in vitro fertilization in the event that embryos are damaged or destroyed. Why it matters: Nearly all IVF treatments in Alabama were halted out…

The tears were automatic. Kearsten Walden couldn’t hold them back when the doctor called on Thanksgiving morning to say she’d lost the last of her six embryos. She’d already experienced so much loss during a long journey with…

An American woman has discovered a high school boyfriend she slept with and could easily have married is actually her half-brother. This “horror story” has reopened discussions on the issue of “fertility fraud”, said CNN. But what is…

A master complaint has been filed in the Uber Passenger Sexual Assault Multi-District Litigation case against Uber Technologies, and it alleges that the rideshare company’s policies don’t do enough to keep riders safe from sexual assault. Court documents…