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Family discovers daughter conceived In Vitro has different father

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Posted: Aug 7, 2019 / 09:30 PM UTC/ Updated: Aug 7, 2019 / 09:30 PM UTC

WASHINGTON D.C. (WEHT) – It’s a family’s worst nightmare. After taking a DNA test at home, a family discovered their daughter conceived In Vitro has a stranger for a father.

The Ohio family is calling on the federal government to step in.

Father Joseph Cartellone said, “It’s hard to explain the shock and agony.”

Through an at-home DNA kit, his wife discovered their 24-year-old daughter had a different biological father.

Joseph said her world was shattered by the news.

“She has no idea who her father is,” he said.

Attorney Joseph Peiffer calls the situation ‘a massive betrayal of trust.’

Wednesday, the family’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Cincinnati fertility clinic, Christ Hospital.

The family said it believes the stranger’s DNA could have come from one of the clinic’s doctors.

For the most part, fertility medicine is self-regulated.

Federal rules only require clinics to screen embryos for disease and report successful pregnancy rates to the CDC.

A spokesperson for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine defended the existing rules, saying, “None of those cases that have surfaced have taken place since the FDA got involved.”

The clinic won’t comment on the case, but officials did say they are evaluating the allegations.

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