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PrizePicks Investigation | Illegal Gambling Investigations

PrizePicks Investigation | Illegal Gambling Investigations

PrizePicks advertises itself as a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform that allows users to bet in a wide variety of sports leagues. This DFS classification has allowed PrizePicks to allegedly get around state and local regulations and misrepresent its business to users.

Peiffer Wolf is representing users who have been the victim of PrizePicks’ alleged fraudulent business practices. If you believe you were misled by PrizePicks and ended up losing money, you may be eligible to file a claim. Contact Us Today by calling 314-669-3600 or by filling out the questionnaire for a FREE Consultation.

PrizePicks Fantasy Sports Platform

PrizePicks’ over/under betting structure is nothing more than a sportsbook in daily fantasy sports clothing.

PrizePicks is based in Atlanta, GA, and has operations in 31 states, DC, and the majority of Canadian provinces. 

The sports gambling app does not function like other daily fantasy sports applications where users compile a team and compete against other players. Instead, it functions as a sportsbook where players make between 2 and 6 “More” or “Less” bets on specific individuals and occurrences. 

For example, a player could place one bet on whether Miami Marlins starting pitcher Edward Cabrera will have “more” or “less” than 5.5 strikeouts, or whether Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman will throw “more” or “less” than 93.5 pitches thrown in a game.  

After choosing 2 to 6 individuals and their “more” or “less” bet, bettors can then choose whether to combine all of their bets into a straight parlay (called a “Power Play”) which requires every bet to win (but multiplies the winnings). Users may also choose a “Flex” which allows them to secure partial payout. As with a traditional sportsbook, on every bet, either the user wins, or the “house” – i.e., PrizePicks – does.

PrizePicks Investigation

Peiffer Wolf believes that the PrizePicks app is and has been operating as an illegal sportsbook and that any lost bets should be subject to a refund. 

Under Georgia law, where the company is based,, “[g]ambling contracts are void…” and “[m]oney paid or property delivered upon a gambling consideration may be recovered from the winner by the loser…”.

PrizePicks Investigation | FREE Consultation

We are representing individuals who have lost money gambling with PrizePicks. If you would like to have a  confidential consultation to learn more about your rights and potential ability to have your PrizePicks gambling losses refunded, you may complete the contact form below and a representative from Peiffer Wolf will reach out to you.